Notecarrier A with AA Battery Harness
Notecarrier A with AA Battery Harness

Notecarrier A with AA Battery Harness

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Notecarriers are companion development boards designed to make it easy to prototype and deploy IoT solutions with the Notecard.

Notecarriers come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate different needs of developers, and can be used with any Notecard type. Any Notecarrier with an A prefix in its naming has cellular and GPS antennas embedded on the board.

Notecarrier-AA (CARR-AA) is designed for building battery-powered wireless applications.

This product requires a Notecard. Don't forget to visit the Notecards section of the shop to add a Notecard to your purchase.


  • Notecarrier-AA.
  • 2 U.FL connector cables for connecting Cellular and GPS.


  • Onboard cellular and GPS antennas.
  • M.2 Key E edge connector port and screw-down port for Notecard.
  • Pre-soldered case for 3 AA batteries.
  • Pre-soldered female headers for quick prototyping access to all pins on the Notecard edge connector.
  • Slot for external Micro SIM for external carrier connectivity.

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