Raspberry Pi Starter Kit
Raspberry Pi Starter Kit
Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

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Get started with the Notecard and Raspberry Pi with this combination kit. Includes a Notecarrier Pi Hat, a Notecard SoM with cellular, and an external cellular antenna.

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About Notecard

The Notecard is a device-to-cloud data pump that reduces the complexity of building connected solutions with secure, reliable cellular. As an embeddable system on module (SoM), the Notecard can be used with any microcontroller for both greenfield and retrofit projects using your own design, or one of our custom designed Notecarriers.

With just two lines of code you can send data to the cloud in minutes, no complex device registration or provisioning required. With a powerful JSON-based API, you can program the Notecard over USB, or control it from your preferred microcontroller or single-board computer using one of our open-source firmware libraries. Connect from your preferred host to the Notecard using Serial or I2C.

The Notecard is designed to work with a cloud service for ingesting and processing device data. Notehub.io provides secure device connectivity, project, and fleet management, and simple routing to 3rd party cloud services. Alternatively, host your own Device service based on our open source reference implementation.

Notecard Specs:

  • Integrated Quectel cellular modem.
  • Secure element with a factory-installed ECC P-384 certificate provisioned at chip manufacture.
  • Integrated GPS and Accelerometer.
  • Designed operate on battery power, be "always-on" to maintain time & location, while typically drawing less than 8µA, when idle.
  • Bundled with 10-years and 500MB of cellular data. No cellular subscriptions, SIM fees or monthly minimums apply.
  • PTCRB Certified Module.

About Notecarrier

Notecarriers are companion development boards designed to make it easy to prototype and deploy IoT solutions with the Notecard. Notecarriers come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate different needs of developers, and can be used with any Notecard type. 

Notecarrier-Pi (CARR-PI) is designed for drop-in development with a Raspberry Pi or compatible Single Board Computer. It includes a pre-soldered female 40-pin header connector for plugging directly into the Raspberry Pi, and a 40-pin connector on top for stacking other Pi “hats” and devices. It also includes a single Grove I2C port for attaching external peripherals to your project.

Notecarrier Specs:

  • M.2 Key E edge connector port and screw-down port for Notecard.
  • 1 Grove I2C port for attaching external peripherals to your project.
  • Pre-soldered female 40-pin header connector for plugging directly into a Pi or another Pi hat.
  • Pre-soldered male 40-pin header connector for stacking additional Pi hats.
  • Slot for external Micro SIM for external carrier connectivity.

Kit Contents:

  • LTE Cat-M Notecard (North America) SoM (on-board SIM, no external SIM required).
  • Notecarrier-Pi.
  • Molex Antenna, Cellular / LTE, 3.3 GHz to 3.8 GHz, 2.7 dBi Gain, 50 ohm, Linear Polarization

Note: This kit does NOT include a Raspberry Pi.

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